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    CareAide Disability Support
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    CareAide Disability Support is proud to be the leading NDIS provider in Melbourne and all over Victoria, as we provide greater choice & control to the participants so they can get the most out of their NDIS funding. From providing community access to the day-to-day support service, our organization is here to connect you with your tailored NDIS support, matching your unique needs and lifestyles. With our certified and experienced support workers, our aim is to bring a positive impact in your life to convert your dreams into reality. All of CareAide Disability Support’ activity and support are built upon the Values of Trust, courtesy, collaboration and quality.

    Our Support Options:

    By offering access to an array of additional support solutions, NDIS is assisting people with disability with the opportunity to live more independent and happier lives.

    Personal Care /In Home Care

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    Assisted Living And Personal Support

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    Companionship Support

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    Out And About

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    Professional Cleaning or Gardening

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    Support Coordination

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    Book Keeping And Financial Planning

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    Careaide Disability Support

    Our organization is helping clients in selecting the right services that are available to them, facilitating them reach their unique goals. We are the highly recognized NDIS Provider Melbourne aimed to empower individuals with disability in order to get the most out of their lives. By providing our support services and care across the Melbourne region, our team understands what is most important for you and works together to build a tailored plan for reaching your unique goals.

    Our organization, Careaide Disability Support, was founded to improve the lives of people with disability by providing them complete control over the choices of support services and care plans in their own environment. Our company employs qualified and enrolled nurses, PCA (personal care assistants), disabilities support workers, and caregivers specifically trained to meet your ongoing requirements.

    Why Choose Our NDIS Services?

    Expert Advise

    Our team is always delighted to assist you throughout your unique NDIS journey. So, you can just communicate with our consultation expert in order to understand all our best support solutions as well as plans that are specifically meant for you.

    Personalized Service

    Through our tailored service, our team provides premium quality support and at the same time care on the basis of your needs, matching to your lifestyle.

    24*7 Helpline

    Our team can provide you with NDIS support any time of the day or night. Our 24*7 support line provides you with complete peace of mind and is always open to assisting you with emergency support solutions.

    Best Quality Support

    Due to our several years of experience working as an NDIS provider in Melbourne, we deliver the best quality support and healthcare solutions, which is our organization’s number one priority.
    We’ve hand picked
    the best of the bunch.

    NDIS Disability & Home Care Services

    Develop new skills, reach your goals, and maximize independence with our disability support service

    We help you to find the right NDIS support service to realize goals and meet ongoing needs.

    When it comes to searching for the right NDIS support service provider for you or your family member, the important thing is to match it with unique goals and the requirements to help them live life to the fullest. Our organization provides extraordinary disability care and support services in Melbourne and works beyond exception. Our team is compassionate, caring, and trained with a deep and thorough understanding as well as patience to provide client-centric support service. So, this entails we are always here to help our clients feel engaged, healthier, happier, and confident at the same time.

    Disability care Melbourne

    An NDIS Provider That Understands The Needs And Goals Of NDIS Participants

    The NDIS scheme provides support to people with significant/ permanent disabilities and their families or caregivers. The NDIS is supporting individuals with disabilities in realizing their unique goals & at the same time building a better & brighter future.

    From personal care, support coordination, and financial planning to community support recreation and much more, our organization is offering a vast array of services under NDIS( National Disability Insurance Scheme) for both the core as well as capacity building supports. Our support and care service ranges from just for few hours of respite support to long day or overnight shifts. Our in-home care & disabilities solutions start with an initial assessment. This facilitates our team to acquire a better understanding of your unique requirements and the kind of support you require. So, the team takes out its time to listen to what exactly is important to you and then map out the right support worker that best matches your individualized needs.

    Our vision is to deliver holistic, personalized, and client-centric care and support to people with disability to empower them to reach their fullest potential.

    An NDIS provider that has a comprehensive understanding of NDIS processes and services.

    Our team works in partnership to build your maximum capability as well as independence
    Being Melbourne’s leading NDIS provider, we utilize the holistic and individual-centred approach. And this means that we focus on the client’s overall wellness and not just on the illness or specific disability condition. Our support services focus on considering all aspects of the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being of individuals. So, our team understands what the clients want to achieve so that it designs and tailors the support services and care around them. Since we respect all your choices as well as decisions and, thus, work in partnership with you to build your highest capacity and independence. Our staff is always willing for helping you with any queries & questions you may have.

    What To Expect From Careaide Support Services?

    Accountability: Our organization simply prides itself in being completely accountable for all its work and also makes sure that we adhere to all the regulatory bodies and legal frameworks.

    Professionalism: Our team maintains the highest standard of professionalism at all times.

    Client-Centric: We support clients with disabilities and their families in all their individual choices and how they want to live their lives.

    Integrity & Honesty: Our committed and dedicated team members work hard towards achieving positive transformations in the lives of all NDIS participants. So, you can simply trust us to receive all kinds of support to progress in all your day-to-day activities and realize all goals that you have set for yourself.

    Empowerment: We support individuals with disabilities to empower and reach towards maximum potential while living independent and full filling lives.

    Resilience: We hold the notion that any individual can come across adversity in life and can steadily recover from their past experiences.

    Personalized Experience: We employ an experienced and multilingual team which is passionate about serving people and, at the same time delivering high-quality support service and programs.

    Support & Encouragement: We empower and help you to become more confident about managing your NDIS support & implementing plans effectively.

    Communicate to us about all the services and support you require to achieve what you want in your life. Call and enquire today!

    Our firm is striving towards delivering the best outcome for every client. Contact us today and find more information about us and how we can help you!

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    What services I can get under NDIS?
    Several kinds of services are available. However, we offer you personalized service according to your unique requirements. This includes daily personal activities, community access, domestic support and much more.
    Am I in a position to manage my own NDIS funding?
    Yes, you can self-manage your NDIS funding. At the same time, manage it directly from the agency. Else you can also hire us to manage your NDIS and its funding.
    How much funding am I eligible for?
    The NDIS evaluates your individual needs, goals, and the reasonable and necessary supports required to achieve them. Factors such as your age, life stage, primary disability, functional limitations, living situation, and informal support are all taken into account by the NDIS when making funding decisions.

    However, you can refer to the funding guidelines specific to your state to gain an understanding of the average funding packages available for different age groups. These guidelines can provide you with an approximate idea of the funding support you may be eligible to receive.

    Is it possible to pick up the services I need under NDIS?
    Yes, NDIS provides you flexibility and freedom to pick up the kind of support you require. So before getting involved with your NDIS system, make sure to find out the kind of disability-related solution and support you already have in life.
    My age is 70 years. Can I gain access to the NDIS program?
    No access to NDIS is not possible at this age. However, you will receive disability services and support of the same level. However, this would not be possible through NDIS.

    Client Review

    Careaide Disability Support is a highly recommended NDIS Registered provider in Melbourne with a team of dedicated staff members who strive to provide the best services to NDIS participants based on their specific needs.

    I strongly recommend this disability company as they have their clients’ best interests at heart. In my experience, this is one of the best companies of its kind that I have come across


    This company provides excellent services with the utmost professionalism. Their staff and team are great and always strive to offer the best possible NDIS care for their clients.


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