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What is NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)?

The NDIS is the country’s first and foremost national scheme for individuals with a disability. So, this scheme is providing the appropriate funding to people having disabilities. Under this scheme, support is offered to eligible individuals suffering from intellectual, physical, sensory, cognitive & psycho-social disorders. The NDIS has been designed to help the individual acquire the right support required for performing day-to-day tasks, improving their skills and independence with time. So, it provides reliable and effective support services to individuals with either permanent or partial disabilities so that they can perform their day-to-day activities without any stress.

It’s all about your health, well-being, education, employment, and independence and providing you with opportunities for greater community involvement. So, through NDIS, there is a certainty that you will get support throughout your life.

What are the eligibility criteria for NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)?

The NDIS support has been developed to help individuals with a disability manage their daily activities, inculcate new skills and at the same time increase their independence. An individual may be eligible for this scheme in case their disability means that they will be regularly needing support for completing their daily tasks for example cooking, personal grooming, etc.

Here are the simple eligibility criteria of NDIS to access funding:
  • The individual must be between age group of 7- 65 years
  • Must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or holding a protected special category Visa
  • Residing in Australia
  • Having a disability caused by permanent impairment
  • Requiring support from other people in completing everyday tasks due to permanent & significant disability
  • Need some support services for reducing their future requirements

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